Monday 7 December 2015

Happy Birthday

It's my little brother's birthday today.

Here is the first track I remember my brother liking. Later on he got into really shit music like Chris de fucking Burgh and more recently mainstream rock. I tried to educate him but it was a lost cause. We can't all be as hip and cool as I am, I suppose. He is also going to have to re-acclimatise himself to life in the central belt of Scotland from next week as after completing 22 years in the forces him and his wife are moving here up here.

All the best N.

Boomtown Rats - Diamond Smiles


George said...

Drew, I suspect my brother has even worse taste in music than yours.

drew said...

First song at his wedding, some Boyzone shit! I rest my case

Charity Chic said...

George will often argue that my brother has better musical taste than me!

Walter said...

Chris De Burgh is a no go. A little better than Roger Whithacker which was as popular in Germany in these times. Fucking main stream stuff. But I love Diamond Smiles. Probably Boomtown's best song. Cheers to your younger brother.

George said...

CC, your brother DOES have better taste in music than you