Monday 10 November 2014


I have never really taken to modern soul, especially the 80s/90s stuff. It was all a bit too slick, overproduced and shiny for me. But every now and again a track came along that grabbed me and today's track is one of those.

In 1994 soul wasn't top of my listening list. At that time I was listening to mainly dance music from labels like Sabres of Paradise, Junior Boy's Own,  Mo Wax and the like. I would still dip into the  northern soul from time to time but I wasn't actively seeking out or buying any. I did take notice when I heard Pressure by Driza Bone and as was my want at the time I bought the 12" single with it's myriad of mixes none of which are any better than the edit that was available on the 7" really, which is really quite hard to get a hold of these days for some reason where is a copy on ebay at the moment with a starting price of 35 quid! Not sure why, as the single must have been manufactured in a decent number. It has even been been bootlegged as can be seen in the picture above, with a Clyde McPhatter track on the flip. Anyway it's a damn fine tune for all it's smoothness and slick production.

Driza Bone - Pressure

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