Wednesday 5 November 2014

Like A Bad Girl Should

As I commented over at Swiss Adam's bit last week, you've got to love the Cramps. Sure, they were never in any danger of winning an Ivor Novello or anything and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have thanked you for one. It doesn't mean their music when at its best was anything less than brilliant. I go through phases of listening to them non stop and then my desire satiated I will leave them alone for a little while feeling ever so slightly filthy.

Like a Bad Girl Should was the lead single from the 1997 album Big Beat From Badsville which was pressed in lovely red vinyl completed with a tasteful sleeve with a picture of Ivy dressed in underwear sitting astride a bass drum holding a stiletto switchblade. There is also a video that I'm sure was never aired on Top of the Pops or The Chart Show but just maybe have been put on late at night on Channel 4.

The Cramps - Like A Bad Girl Should


Simon said...

God I love The Cramps. I can't quite believe how old Lux was. He would have been the same age now as my dad. Ivy is in her early 60s now. That doesn't seem quite right..

Swiss Adam said...

Love it. The video#s a blast if I remember right.

drew said...

You still got a wee thing for her Si?

NSFW - SA. I only found out what that meant last week.

Simon said...

Always Ivy. She made me go funny in the 80s, not in what I would call a good way. But completely different to say, Grogan or Wilde. Ivy Ivy Ivy.