Thursday 27 February 2014

Long Lost Heart

Let's stick with modern retro rockabilly for just now.

Jake Allen is only twenty two but has already played Elvis Presley in the theatre in London's West End and toured extensively under his own name over the past few years. Today's track is the title one from an ep released in 2012 on the Ambassador Records label. There is certainly a feel of the boy from Tupelo Mississippi about the record right down to the the cover art.

There is also a link to yesterday's post in so much as the ep was co-produced by Darrel Higham, the spouse of Imelda May Clabby.

Jake Allen - Long Lost Heart


george said...

I have not lisatened yet, but given the mention of Imelda May I have a feeling this is going to be belting.

george said...

listened not lisatened

george said...


John Medd said...

From the faux scratched intro and the 'Huh!' at 0:12 I was hooked. Well and truly.