Friday 21 February 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

The trance word rears it's ugly head again across the kitchen table, you would get the impression that I love this stuff.

Juno Reactor was an art project started by Ben Watkins in 1990 and is probably best known for the collaboration with composer Don Davis on the soundtrack to the Matrix but he has also scored several other films. High Energy Protons was released through Nova Mute in 1994. I used to mix this tune quite effectively with The Snake by Opal when I could see that people were getting bored with the progressive house stuff.

You will be glad to read that I have eventually finished painting, although a worse fate awaits me tomorrow as I will be dragged kicking and screaming to that big blue Swedish shed that has recently announced to the dismay of record collectors everywhere the end of the Expedit vinyl storage system. It was probably designed for some other purpose but I cannot think of anything that looked quite as beautiful in it than a record collection. On a FUCKING Saturday!!!

Have a good weekend people.

Juno Reactor - High Energy Protons


joko81 said...

Hell in a shed. That's my name for that place. They're replacing the expedit with something of similar dimensions and shape. In other words keeping the same thing but changing the colour and the name, and more importantly raising the price quietly.

Painting the front room tonight. Kids are at the in-laws. I will be drinking tea and listening to tunes. Must remember to keep the computer switched off and the tv unplugged. Work work work.

joko81 said...

lol, I'm on the wife's computer.

Simon, the songs that people sing.

drew said...

Just tea Si? On a Friday!

Luca said...

Here's where I lose all street cred.. *whispers* ..I like that hell on a shed.. I like wandering around it trying to not lose sight of that vandal of a daughter that I have and I do like to mess around with what I brought home, the how-am-I-supposed-to-build-it, the take-away-the-daughter-I'm-gonna-swear, the it's-done-get-me-a-beer-NOW. What's worse I'm even partial to a lot of the food that is served there. But let's keep it a secret, shall we?..

drew said...

Luca, I quite like the place. It just too busy with too many people blocking the walkways and the kitchen's just depress me as we really need a new kitchen and I see so many that I like but alas cannot afford!

Luca said...

Don't tell me: when I got married my wife insisted on a new kitchen and, since her will was/is my command I had to totally break the bank.
A strange request: my wife noticed that I was writing this and told me to ask whether somebody out there knows about the Sanremo Festival or, worse still, is actually watching it. It's an event here, you see, and to tell the truth it's also, in a way, absurdly funny, even if totally for the wrong reasons.

drew said...

Not aware of the Sanremo Festival, sorry Luca.

Swiss Adam said...

Hell in a shed is v apt. Just going near one raises my blood pressure