Monday 17 February 2014


I know that it is highly unlikely that you will be ecstatic on a Monday morning (unless your name is George and have buggered off to sunnier climes, obviously) but this may  banish the Monday blues.

This may sound familiar. This is the original from 1977, If you own this on 7" or even better on 12" and are willing to part with it you are likely to end up quite a bit better off due to the renewed interest in this track.  If you are seeking a copy there was an Originals repress released last week with this and the Pharrell Williams track on the flip but you will have to be quick.


Velvet Hammer - Happy

1 comment:

george said...

Drew, you're damned right. The sun is shining, been for a walk on the beach, just going out on my bike. And lloking forward to listening to this track later on!