Tuesday 11 February 2014

Strait Jacket

This track has been posted before but due to the ongoing painting of the dining room which may take as long as the Forth Bridge due to my two little helpers has left me absolutely no time whatsoever to think about what to post.

Strait Jacket originally appeared as the last in a week long series of track that I thought sounded like tunes from Spy movies. I know absolutely feck all about the track, it was featured on a Fat City compilation, Mystic Brew which bought quite a while ago which was rather lacking in sleeve notes. The track however is an atmospheric funky little number that sounds as if it came out during the mid to late sixties which is all the excuse I need to post another picture of Edie Sedgwick.

Guiliano Sorghini - Strait Jacket

1 comment:

Erik Bartlam said...

To be fair about it you'd have to have the picture of Edie pop up after the song but, yeah it does seem appropriate.

I like that one.