Friday 14 February 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Today's post is a repeat as I have had no time whatsoever to do anything because I am still fucking painting! It took the whole of Sunday to do the bloody cornice and there is more wood to be glossed in the dining room than there was in the whole of our last house!

Anyway, enough of my problems this was first posted back in September 2010.

Have a good weekend people. I will be mostly painting!

About the tail end of 2002 beginning of 2003 I stopped seeking out new dance music. It wasn't a conscious thing but I think that somewhere in my brain I had decided it was time to grow up and be an adult and I think that I equated dance music and the fun to be had listening and dancing to repetitive beats while of your nut or sometimes not with being young, free and responsibility lite all of which I was becoming increasingly aware no longer fitted my profile.

If I heard a tune somewhere that I liked I would buy it, however this was an increasingly rare event. At the moment I'm trying to wrack my brains and find something outstanding from 2002/2003 and can't think of anything. Also I would no longer spend hours in specialist dance shops listening to the latest batch of white labels and deciding which ones were worth my heard earned cash.

This state of affairs continued for a few years until a younger colleague at work,  whom I had been recording what she so charmingly referred to as "those old tunes" ie anything from before the year 1998 to her, gave me a loan of the latest mix cd she had bought. I took it home and decided to listen to it, I had already persuaded myself that it would be rubbish but when I put it on I was more than pleasantly surprised what I heard had me jumping about the room and turning up the volume until L was yelling "turn that bloody racket down".

The cd was It's Only A Mixtape Vol II mixed by Paul Jackson. I hadn't heard of the DJ or any of the artists or tunes in the mix before but it was the best and livliest thing that I had heard in a long time and the following Monday at work I was asking Cheryl if she had any more like it and so my re-induction to dance music began and I've not looked back since.

Here is one of the tracks from that mix that I subsequently sought out and bought.

Rob Hawk & Mysoul feat. Leanne - So Shock-In!

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dickvandyke said...

Great picture - summing up the ridiculousness of the wedding disco.

As The Bangles (or at least the pretty one) sang, "It's just another Cornice Sunday"

Have a good weekend. Weather looking Biblical and a little apocalyptic here in Yorks. (If you can have a little apocolypse?)