Monday 10 June 2013

Never My Love

Here is an absolutely lovely rendition of Never My Love, probably the best know version of which was by the Association but it has been covered by countless artists. In 1999 the BMI announced that it was the second most played song on radio and television during the 20th Century which must have kept it's writers Donald and Richard Adrissi's bank manager happy. It is said that the record has been played that much that in the 32 years since it was released that the amount of times the track had been played amounted to 40 years of continuous play. I am even more impressed with myself in the fact that until I had bought the single I had never heard the song before!

This version was previously unreleased but came out on 7" for RSD 2013.

Donny Hathaway - Never My Love


George said...

Great track. Never ever heard it. Until now.

Ste said...

The Adam Green and Har Mar Superstar version is stunningly brilliant.

JohnnyDiego said...

"Never My Love" recorded January 11th, 1973 at Atlantic Studios, NYC.

Flip side: "Memory Of Our Love" recorded at Atlantic Studios, NYC, January 1974.