Thursday 6 June 2013

Happy Lanimers!

It is Lanimar day in Lanark, basically our town's Gala Day.

This year the theme of the float Max is part of is Space exploration, so in honour of this here's the lead song  from Allo Darlin's album, Eurpoe released last year.

Allo Darlin' - Neil Armstrong


Jimmy said...

Blogging at 9.14 you not in the pub with pint and bacon roll!!

Charity Chic said...

Jimmy beat me to it
I take it there is nobody still sober in Lanark?

drew said...

It is 22:50 and I am still sober, granted one of the few. L has been in bed since 19:00 hrs "tired" due to early start.

We had people in this morning Jimmy due to being on the fucking route!

Swiss Adam said...

You Scots and your funny traditions.