Friday 14 June 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

In honour of the summer of 2013 that was last week here is a lovely piece of Balearica courtesy of the 2 Bears and remixed by Darkstarr (Ashley Beedle & Colleen Murphy). Just the thing for when the weather is warm and there isn't a cloud in the sky, not too bad either when it's windy and the sky is overcast and grey, trust me.

I'm off for some root treatment, deep joy!

Have a good weekend people.

2 Bears - Church (Darkstarr Diskotek remix)


dickvandyke said...

great stuff drew
And only you could finish an upbeat optimistic message of hope with .. 'Now I'm off for root treatment'.

I'm assuming it's yer teeth and not yer hair? (I can see you sporting a nice sun-kissed Agadoo-type mullet with highlights).

Swiss Adam said...

Nice record. Picture of the week too.

davyh said...

As a gentleman at a difficult age I am finding that picture a bit 'much' I must say.

davyh said...

Nice record btw; never heard that before and there was me thinking I was relatively well-versed re. Balearica - clearly I'm an amateur.

I'm quaffing a San Miguel, which is going down well with it.