Monday 24 June 2013

(A Case Of ) Too Much Love Making

It took me will into my thirties to appreciate the subtler, more floaty sounds of Modern Soul.  From the age of about 16 I had immersed myself in the pounding, stomping 60s sounds that were the staple diet of the Northern Soul fan. I loved the sounds of Stax and Atlantic as well and even dabbled with the sounds of Philly and disco but tailor mades and modern soul were a step too far. That was until I found myself in the modern room at a Weekender for the first time and realised that I liked what I was listening to. So much so that I was there for over an hour and posted missing.

(A Case Of) Too Much Love Making is a prime example of the kind of thing that I would have dismissed out of hand a decade or so ago. I would have been horrified if somebody had suggested that I would not just like but actively seek out a record produced by Barry White and with a backing track including the strings of the Love Unlimited Orchestra.

Oh, how times have changed.

btw,  Lisa Stansfield had a fair stab at this on her third album, So Natural.

Gloria Scott - (A Case Of) Too Much Love Making


Simon said...

For quite some time now I've been thinking that I prefer the modern stuff, rather than the grittier stomps. Getting old!?!?!

davyh said...

I love this, and the album it's from, which I owe Darcy for introducing me too, is a solid gold classic.

davyh said...

introducing me 'to' even

Darcy said...

Yes this and the album it's from are solid gold. But me, being stupid, wants to hold out for an original issue vinyl copy of the album and it's out of my price range. I could have bought one for £40 at a record fair about 3 years ago and now don't know why I didn't.

drew said...

Darcy, you need to check out Musicstack. My copy cost about twenty quid on there and there are quite a few reasonably priced, reissues at the moment.

Darcy said...

But that's the problem Drew - I am now lost in an anorak world - I need an OG.