Thursday 20 June 2013

Just Because

It's Fucking brilliant and I am officially on annual leave yea ha!

Best use of a Shirley Bassey sample I have ever heard.

Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think


Anonymous said...

hope you checked out the free Futurecast remix of this from last year. totally excellent

PS: Not sure why I'm writing as if I'm Bill or Ted.

George said...

Yes, it's very very good. Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of rap acts remixed, there was a good Derrick Carter remix of Azealia Banks' 212 doing the rounds on the blogosphere sometime ago.
Everybody's on holiday, even me.
School's out, for summer..

drew said...

Alas Luca, I only have two and a bit weeks, you probably have 7 or 8.

I am toasting the hols with a glass of wine George.

Monster mix Ctel

e.f. bartlam said...

One of the funniest things my, then 3 year old, son has ever said, after listening to Cool Thing by SOnic Youth...

"Chuck D will come to your house and rock you up!"

This has been the best week ever since electricity...Bring the Noise Drew...Bring It!

anto said...

great weeks music drew. as said in previous comments, i am finding myself liking newer stuff these days often to my surprise. and some of the newer hip hop coming out is great. but these older ones bring a man back to the days when the NME creamed itself as hiphop gathered popularity but struggled with its own conscience on issues such as reverse racism, sexism and glorification of guns etc. thems were the days, when an article in the NME could make or break a genre

Swiss Adam said...

It is a fucking brilliant tune. have a good holiday Drew.

Ctel- you would be Acidbill. Or Acidted.