Sunday 28 April 2013

What's In Yir Box? K

Another letter with not a lot of presence in the box. The two artists who do appear could have had ten singles in the box including split singles between them but for me these are the two best singles by the bands.

Anybody who doesn't know who the Kills are I salute you as you obviously don't read any style. gossip mags. When I first saw the Kills at the Wah Wah Hut not that many people just like the White Stripes. My views on the Kills can be found elsewhere on this blog but in summary, great first album, alright second attempt, third album big yawn, fourth, nearly as good as the first. The single in the box comes from the fourth album and was featured on ATKT at the beginning of last year or end of 2011.

The Kills - Baby Says

Kid Canaveral unlike the Kills don't have any members stepping out with famous people or if they do I don't know about it. The band were formed in St Andrews, Fife in 2003 and have released two albums and six singles. The one in the box is the first one but it could have been any of them really but it is Max's favourite which ensured that it pipped the others to the place in the box. Like the following three singles and first album it was released on the band's own straight to video records label, since then they have released their subsequent two split singles and second album on Fence Records.

Kid Canaveral - Smash Hits


dickvandyke said...

Thanks for educating and informing as you rifle through your recepticles. I'd not knowingly heard anything from either band.
I woulda thought a re-mixed 12" Japanese import of summat by KLF might be housed - neath the Kane Gang's Closest Thing To Heaven, or the re-issue of Carole King's It Might As Well Rain Until September, or an old Pye scratched original of Kingsmen's Louie Louie?

As I'm a sentimental sap, I'd have slipped in an old Korgis single or Kursaal Flyers - with some mid 70s Gladys Knight helping me out circa 2am.

Chiefly my friend, the fact you are bereft of any Kinks would have me leading you to the stocks at Lanark Market Street; where upon locals would hurl rotting vegetables at you - if such a thing existed in Caledonia. (Vegetables, not stocks).

e.f. bartlam said...

The phone is showing...

Kanye West and Killdozer.


Swiss Adam said...

Baby Says is one of the best guitar singles of recent times.

George said...

Never heard the Kills. Will give this a listen.

drew said...

Dickie the Paul Revere and The Raiders version of Louie Louie is the one for me and would most certainly be in the box if it didn't have a big fucking crack right across it. The only KLF in any of the boxes is The White Room in the 12"/album box.

ef - Killdozer?

George as SA says, it is tremendous as is their recent cover of Pale Blue Eyes.

dickvandyke said...

And what of The Kinks vinyl omission, my good man? Or have they dropped off the scale .. like Airdrie(onians)?

e.f. bartlam said...

Why aren't there any Kinks on my phone?

Killdozer was a noise/sludge band on Touch and Go mid 80's to mid 90's. Fellow travelers with Butthole Surfers, Big Black, etc.

Only time I ever got dizzy and nauseous at a show was standing under the stacks for Killdozer. I had to leave the room at one point.

It was aweeeeesome :).