Sunday 7 April 2013

What's In Yir Box? H

Slim pickings this week.

I looked through the other boxes and there are quite a few H's including Richard Hawley, more than a few Housmartins singles and curiously enough an Arab Starp remix of David Holmes which back in the day I had to scour the country to find a copy of but none of these was deemed good enough for entry into this box.

So, instead the choice is between Happy Mondays Wrote For Luck and Who Can Say by Horrors. However I may have to take the Happy Mondays single out of the box as the 12" along with The Rave On ep is in the 12" box and there is no room for duplication.

Horrors - Who Can Say


e.f. bartlam said...

Husker Do - Diane, It's Not Funny Anymore

Half Japanese - Fire to Burn

Happy MOndays - step on

Hot Chocolate - Sexy Thing (thang?)

Darcy said...

Decisions decisions. It is ever thus in the vinyl collectors world.

dickvandyke said...

Not a lot of aitching going on in the world.

Hmmm .. Old Harry H vinyl ..

Some lovely Terry Hall perhaps - Like 'Forever J' - well worth another spin.

Rolf Harris - Two Little Boys. (Surely impossible to throw into a dustbin after all these years?)

Or Benny Hill for that matter!

I heard Justin Hayward's 'Forever Autumn' t'other day. My recent profound sadness may well have coloured my judgement .. but it's .. quite a song. Give it a listen without prejudice - with the headphones turned up and a glass of soomthing smooth.

Have some old Hollies and Hermans Hermits which are part of my formative infant days - couldn't ditch those either.

Am off with a few lads to see Happy Mondays in June at the open air theatre in seaside Scarborough. It will be messy!