Friday 12 April 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

It's been a bit of a week. I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of hearing about the "saviour of the nation". According to some baroness or other on PM last night there wouldn't have been mobile phones or the internet without her, for fuck sake! And if I have to hear Charles Moore going on about left wing bias at the BBC much more I may not be responsible for my actions. What a fucking fud. I know that is not the most erudite of descriptions but it doesn't make it any less apt.

Anyway back to the music and here is one of the best things that the President of Malawi's least favourite pop star has ever done.

Have a good weekend people.

I will be watching Airdrie getting humped by Partick Thistle and then going to see Father Sculptor in Stereo, a gig that if you are anywhere near Glasgow, you should try and get along to.

Madonna - Hung Up (SDP extended vocal)


davyh said...

A small record fair in Chiswick might be my thing Sat. Therapy.


Anonymous said...

gloriously splentic

drew said...

Pick me up something when you're there Davy.

seannie said...

I read that as 'watching Audrey getting humped by Patrick Thistle'.

dickvandyke said...

Am away to Northampton to see York City struggle for their very survival in the Football League.
Who needs the Premier twats when you've got lower leagues?

drew said...

seannie - I think that says more about you than me!

At least you can choose your seat DVD