Monday 3 September 2012

You Don't Know

From one great songwriter from a bygone age to another also sadly no longer with us.

Ellie Greenwich in partnership with her husband Jeff Barry must have been in competition with Bacharach and David during the 60s I suppose. It would be hard to say who were the better partnership, if it weren't for the fact that Greenwich and Barry along with Phil Spector were responsible for the best pop song ever and by default are therefor the greatest pop songwriters ever. There is no need to start the debate again, I think that Mr H and myself conclusively dealt with that one at the end of last year here.

Anyway, Greenwich was responsible for so many absolute belters but even though she could more than hold a tune she didn't go into the studio very often but in 1965 she did  with Shadow  Morton and produced an absolutely gorgeous song, You Don't Know, the production of which is nothing less than perfection, those drums, strings and breath taking vocals that give me goosebumps every time I hear the song.

It is backed by Baby which over the years has found favour amongst the northern soul fraternity, the song is good but nothing in comparison to the a side. The single was released on Morton's Red Bird label and inexplicably bombed! Why?

A word of warning, the only other thing that I know of that she released was the album Let It Be Written, Let It Be Sung in 1973. On this album she sings twelve of the best songs she had penned including I hear Music, Be My Baby and  And Then He Kissed Me and I hate to say it, it is woeful, the 70s arrangements and production murder the songs and it is best to be avoided.

Ellie Greewich - You Don't Know

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