Tuesday 25 September 2012


I really like the music that Conor Oberest makes, either under his own moniker or as Bright Eyes. Cassadaga is an album that I sort of overlooked at the time, even though I bought it. This was mainly due to me getting back into dance music on the back of the Burial albums and listening to a lot of dubstep.

I managed to catch Bright Eyes at Latitude last year. I had seen them in Glasgow on a couple of occassions andd they had been great live and at the festival they didn't disappoint either. When I got home I listened to Cassadaga again and have probably played it every other month since then. The album takes it's name from a town in Florida which is a community of alleged mediums and was founded by George Colby, whose Indian spirit guide, Seneca instructed him to go to the sunshine state.

Although, not quite as good as  I'm Wide Awake,  It's Morning the album is probably Oberst's most straight forward. Although dealing with the subject of life the universe and everything it never really disappears up it's own arse due to the tunes being so good and the lyrics though "deep" at times never get really wanky.

The picture was taken in a hotel in Cassadaga, make of it what you wish.

Bright Eyes - Make A Plan To Love Me

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