Wednesday 5 September 2012


I had nearly forgotten about Chew Lips when the other week I saw somewhere that they had a new single. I first came across them one very wet and windy night in March 2009 when they were third on the bill at the Classic Grand  in Glasgow. I was there to see The Joy Formidable but was pleasantly surprised by Chew Lips although the singer did get on my nerves. At that point they were a three piece but from what I can see they are now a duo.

Their debut album, Unicorn was released in 2010 and it is rather good without being groundbreaking or anything. It has that sort of harking back to the 80s sound that was all the rage that year with the likes of La Roux and Little Boots. Here is the band's third single and first from the album.

Still a bloody awful name.

Chew Lips - Karen

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