Monday 17 September 2012

Wade In Water

There has always been a place for instrumentals on the northern soul scene and Wade In Water is probably the first major one on the scene and it's between this or the instrumental version of Ann Perry's That's The Way He Is that is my favourite.

Ramsey Lewis is a jazz composer and piano player who hit the big time in the US with three million selling number one singles in 1966, of which this track is one. It is just such an effortlessly cool track which is impossible not to tap your foot, nod your head or get up and shuffle to. Go on listen and stay motionless.  If you can, you have no soul.

Ramsey Lewis - Wade in Water


Simon said...

Wow, I put this on for the first time in ages yesterday. Damn fine.

Tedloaf said...

There was Little Sonny and Marlena Shaw that made some kind of a trinity with Ramsey when I was a kid, but his version was the one I heard first and therefore the greatest.

Steinlager Lout said... beautiful spring day here in the antipodes,time to haul the px200 out :)