Saturday 8 September 2012

Life Can Chew You Up And Spit You Out

Simon first played this a couple of months ago and it had quite an affect on me at the time. Yesterday after a conversation with a colleague who said that the Proclaimers were playing at some event he was going to  I played it again and had the same reaction as I had the first, second and all the other times I've played the song, it had me in bits.

It's strange but since the boys have been around I find myself getting emotional about things that beforehand I would have listened to, read or watched without the slightest flicker of emotion. I am so glad that someone can put into words these feelings although I do find myself wishing I had that kind of talent.


dickvandyke said...

More melancholic pangs from me, drew.

Things can never be the same again.

Lovely photo mate.

My 17 y o 'little princess' just asked me if she can got to Magaluf next summer with 10 of her girly friends. What do I say?

Simon said...

I'm not sure I can name another song that has affected me quite as much as this one. It hits me when everything stops for that 'you're still my boys and you're still my girls' it's almost an E rush, but where e stands for emotion or something like that. I think you know what I mean anyway. Even thinking about it I'm getting tingles.

drew said...

To tell the truth guys. This all started on Friday I was at the Dr's first thing and on my way back I passed Max on the other side of the road walking for the bus to school for the first time, he gave me a wave and I realised for the first time that he really was growing up.

Dickie, what can you say?

Si, that's the bit that gets me and I start thinking but will they still think that?

Swiss Adam said...

I find myself welling up at the drop of a hat at the moment. Think it must be a chemical imbalance or something