Monday 25 June 2012

Tell Mama

I don't think that I have ever heard anything that was recorded at the Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama that has been any less than very, very good if not excellent and today's track just reinforces that opinion.

In 1967 Leonard Chess arrived at the studios with a pregnant Etta James and to record Tell Mama, possibly my favourite James song which turned out to be the singer's final top ten R&B hit. The flip side of the single, I'd Rather Go Blind,  was also none too shabby either.

Tell Mama also ended up being the title track of the album which was the result of Etta James four trips to Muscle Shoals, released in 1968.

Etta James - Tell Mama


Simon said...

Bugger, forgot about that album. Used to have that on vinyl. I'd Rather Go Blind is one of the great soul songs in my opinion.

George said...