Friday 1 June 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I'm not big on Royalty, Jubilees or Street Parties so the prospect of seeing me waving a Union Jack, sitting at a tressle table and amiably drinking Pimms with the neighbours this weekend is less than zero.

But if you wanted to have a wee jig around  the living room in celebration of a woman who by accident of birth has reigned o'er you and had the best of everything for 88 years then this track would be as good as any other.

Big Love was Pete Heller's first solo single released on Junior Recordings in 1999. It is a big, smiley, hopeful tune guaranteed to put a smile on the most miserable of gits.

Have a good weekend, no matter what you do and if you do decide to celebrate the Jubilee good luck to you just remember it isn't compulsory.

Pete Heller - Big Love


Dirk said...

Why is it that those two grannies in the pic (try to) dance EXACTLY in front of the rosy-cheeked young lady?! Don't they know that I have nothing much in life to look forward to apart from this post each and every Friday?! Jesus Christ!!!

Dirk said...

.... just scrolled down a little bit: Cheers Sturday Girl, you saved my day. Again.

Simon said...

"So whatever you do, just make sure what you do makes you happy."

davyh said...

Truth is, the 'grannies' are nearer our age than sturdy : (

davyh said...

PS: I am partial to a big smiley hopeful tune.


Anonymous said...

"guaranteed to put a smile on the most miserable of gits"

not this one.