Thursday 28 June 2012

Flash & Crash

Know absolutley nothing about this track, other than I first became aware of it when it was included on the Instant Garage covermount cd for Mojo. There was probably some info about the track inside the mag which I have long forgotten with no chance of reading again as the mag would have been thrown out in the last great clearout of the cupboard on the half landing.

Just looked it up on Discogs, if you've got a spare eighty quid you couldd own a copy with "scuffs and scratches".

It's a belter.

Rocky & The Riddlers - Flash and Crash.


Artog said...

It was a good cd, I bought a compilation by the band SHE on the strength of it. Great cover art by Julian House also. Didn't save it from the great cull of Mojos a while back though. I took mine to a jumble sale, my wife got £30 for them as she was packing the table up right at the end, sweetened the blow of getting rid of them considerably.

drew said...

Mine's all went to the cowp (tip) along with loads of Select, Q's, Mixmags and most regretfully of all numbers 31 -100 of the Face.