Tuesday 26 June 2012

A Serendipitous Meeting

So,  I get this email from Tank, Stiff eldest brother asking " Do you think this is real?".

The email contained an MP3 pertaining to be a collaboration between The Woodentops and Lee Scratch Perry. I listened to it a few times and recognised Perry's tones but couldn't identify the band's contribution.

Before I had a chance to investigate further I received an email from Bat, Stiff's other brother informing us that it was indeed real and enlightened us with the full story.

Apparently,  Perry found himself abandoned by a taxi driver at the wrong studio. Rolo McGinty found him wandering around the studio and invited him in to where the Woodentops were recording while he waited for another taxi. The producer could not help but get involved in the session and they messed around on three tracks which sadly were never finished. The most complete of these is Back To Work where Perry worked on the backing track and laid down his own vocal using the original lyrics and some freestyling.

Woodentops and Lee Scratch Perry - Back To Work

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Anonymous said...

tis true alrite and if you go on the woodentops website you can download this and other unrealesed tracs.David.