Wednesday 20 June 2012


Here is another one of those mash-ups from The Reflex on the G.A.M.M. label.

I had my reservations of this mix of Amy Winehouse's best song with the backing track to the Velvelettes' Really Saying Something as Rehab is one of my favourtite tracks of the last decade, a song if ever there was one that should have been pressed on 7" but that's by the by.

When I listerned to the mash-up I was pleasantly surprised as the Reflex had opened up the track and if anything using that familiar backing track had made the lyrics even more prominent or maybe that's just me.

The line about Donny Hathaway troubles me though, as that soul singer jumped from a hotel window at the age of 33 after battling with depression. Having Hathaway as a mentor suggests that it was always going to end badly for possibly the outstanding  female singer/songwriter of the last decade. Sad really.

The Reflex - Rehab

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