Friday 19 December 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Twas the Friday before Christmas and all of the pubs were filled with amateur drinkers. The type of people you only see out and about at this time of the year. You know the ones, with their stupid Santa hats, ordering ten drinks all one at a time after they have gone back and consulted the group they are with at least twice , the last of which is always a bloody pint of Guinness. The type that say thing like "cheer up it's Christmas" while waving bit's of mistletoe about leching at anybody in the vicinity.

Can you tell I used to hate working in the pub on the last Friday before Christmas, it was second only to Lanimer night which was like carnage Friday only tenfold.

I think a bit of spiritual house music is the order of the day. I am not ashamed to admit I cried when I heard this song the first time.

Have a good weekend people and if venturing out this evening, to paraphrase Sergeant Phil from Hill Street Blues, be careful out there.

South Street Player - (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind (The Night mix)


Anonymous said...

So is that a Yes to a pint Drew?
Swiss Adam

Luca said...

That's a fantastic tune.

Luca said...

Oh, and a fantastic rant too!

Swiss Adam said...

And, yes, that is a fantastic tune.