Tuesday 30 December 2014

A True Love Just For You Love

I am not sure why this track doesn't get played much more than it does, as for me it's up there with the best that anybody on Motown ever produced. Come On And See Me was Tammi Terrell's second single for Berry Gordy's Detroit label released in 1966 and  inexplicably only reached the dizzy heights of number 80 in the Billboard chart and 25 in the US R&B Chart and I don't think that it was even released over here in the UK! It is a song that never fails to make me feel better.

Tammi Terrell - Come On And See Me


Scott said...

Great song Drew, it does have that kind of uplifting feel that brightens up your day.

Marc said...

It IS a great song, and should have been a bigger hit. Motown was making so many great records at that point that they couldn't promote them all, and there was a lot of politics involved in which ones got the big push. But 50 years later, it doesn't matter - we can enjoy the also-rans as much as the number ones.

Thanks for posting this, and Happy New Year!