Friday 1 November 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

On this day sixteen years ago 27 close friends and family and one random paratrooper witnessed L and I vowing to stick together in good times and shitty times, there have been lots of the former and a few of the later in the intervening years.

After that we went down the valley to the Popinjay Hotel and had one of the best parties I've ever been to soundtracked by some of the naffest music ie typical wedding fodder and the odd Highland Scittoosh (not sure of the spelling) all expertly played by One Foot In The Grave, thee Wedding Band at that time in Lanarkshire.

L never really got into dance music but before we started going out she came up to me in the pub and asked if I had the Sunscreem single Love U More and would I tape it for her. So the next weekend in the pub I presented her with a tape containing all nine of the mixes. It wasn't until years later that she confessed that it was only the single version she wanted and not all those dancey mixes. It was an early lesson for L that with me you don't always get exactly what you asked for.

Have a good weekend

Here is one of those dancey mixes.

Sunscreem - Love U More (Slam)


Swiss Adam said...

Happy anniversary. Women are never interested in the other mixes.

Luca said...

Usually my wife is not even interested in the single version.

Simon said...

Happy anniversary!

Swiss Adam said...

One Random Paratrooper is the name of my next band

dickvandyke said...

Every warm hug from me to the two of you. That's no small achievement - particularly given your increasing finely honed curmudgeonlyness drewster. L has the strength and tenacity of a 1000Mongolian women being rather persistently badgered by a grumpy Genghis Khan.

And a belated Top Tenth birthday to the apple who fell close to the Drew tree.

Anonymous said...

what dvd said. lovely *sniff*

Walter said...

Happy anniversary Drew. Today's my 13th wedding anniversary. It's funny how same things happen in different places. C came up to me in our local pub asking me for a copy of Groover Washington Jr. Live at the Bijou.

Have a good time

drew said...

Thank you guys