Saturday 23 November 2013

3 mins 55 secs Of Casual Sex Anyone?

If that title doesn't bring ANONYMOUS back nothing will.

I'm not sure why I haven't posted this track before now as it has been a frequent visitor to the turntable since it's release in April as part of  Moshi Moshi's singles club.

There is more than a slight nod in the direction of the "Sound of Young Scotland" in the Glasgow four piece's debut single which tells the tale of doing the dirty on your girlfriend with her best mate fuelled on very strong Austrian rum, 160 proof Stroh 80 of the title. The effects of which I can vouch for as my boss in the Wallace Cave when I worked there once gave me a bottle as a present.

As far as I'm aware the band haven't released anything further which is a wee bit disappointing as this single is very good indeed.

Casual Sex - Stroh 80


Anonymous said...

Good news is the band have a new ep out on Monday. Very fine it is too. Called 'Bastard Beat'
Tel Aviv

Dirk said...

Reminds me of the times when I was still able to stretch my sexual activities up to nearly four minutes ... long since gone, but I think you guessed that already ...

Swiss Adam said...

That is good.