Saturday 2 November 2013

Back To Form

A few weeks ago on a Sunday night I went to see the Airborne Toxic Event. Expectations were not high as the last time they had played Glasgow they were very disappointing, the acoustics were crap (the Arches) and the band sort of went through the motions and didn't even complete their set. Another reason for my lack of enthusiasm was the recently released album Such Hot Blood which to me was a rather tepid affair containing sub standard versions of tracks from the first two albums just given new lyrics, there were one or two good songs but nothing brilliant.

Anyway off to the Garage we went after hitting the Brew Dog pub for a drink and bite to eat, L was with me or it would just have been straight to the gig. The Garage is a great wee venue in Glasgow, have seen a few bands in there before most notably the Wedding Present a couple of years back.

From the off ATE were up for it what a change from my previous encounter and were back with the enthusiasm which first drew me to them when they were supporting Frightened Rabbit in King Tuts five years ago. But it was striking as the gig progressed that the set was all stuff from the first two albums in fact it wasn't until eleven songs in that the band actually played a track from their third lp and by the end of the night I counted only four of the new tracks in the set list.

I am not complaining as the gig was excellent, the band back on top form and my faith in them fully restored. I have subsequently listened to the new album a few times and it's alright,  nothing more.

Here is the first and title track from the second album which I really like but who does it remind you of?

Airborne Toxic Event - All At Once

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