Saturday 18 December 2010

It's Christmas, Let's Be Ironic!

I fucking hate indie fucking versions of Christmas songs but what's even worse is the original tracks, with titles like Fuck Of Santa  or Christmas in The Student's Union or equally pish titled nonsense. I hate the let's be ironic about Christmas, so as we're still cool but secretly we really want to just have a good time like everybody else.

Either do Christmas right or don't fucking bother!

Here's the best example of Christmas done right, just don't even bother mentioning either the Slow Club or The Raveonettes and all the rest, those versions may be adequate renditions but this is the only one that matters.

Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)


chocolategirl64 said...

you speaka my language:
if you gonna sing, sing BIG ^_^

davyh said...

Hear Hear

Mondo said...

3 years of blogging and I've never punted a Spector one in - yet. But that changes next week, thanks to my round the corner record shop...if you haven't heard it The Damned's Sanity Clause is well worth lending a festive ear to..

Simon said...

I've come around to the songs that came out when I was a kid, all those 70s crimbo hits. Somehow I don't mind them. Spector Christmas was always great, and I love Bruce doing Santa Claus.

Apart from those? I'd rather put on carols or something. Anything except for Johnny Mathis, which was my mum's Christmas song, every year since I was a kid while she sorted out the sprouts, Mathis on rotation.


George said...

Agree with your sentinements. This is a terrific track.

drew said...

Simon - just the mention of Mathis and I feel all warm inside, my mother's favourite as well.