Monday 6 December 2010

Cold And Bitter Tears

I didn't expect to be in the position of doing a post this evening. I should be on my way to the Arches in Glasgow to see the big nosed bastard from Barking. However Billy, like my concert going buddy Stiff is stuck on one of the many closed roads on the west of Scotland tonight.

Anyway here is a track from Billy Bragg and Ted Hawkins recorded on the tour when I first saw possibly the finest protest singer of his generation at the Barrowlands way back in 1986.

Unfortunately it looks like I am also going to have to cancel my visit to Budapest tomorrow.

Billy Bragg and Ted Hawkins - Cold and Bitter Tears


davyh said...

Sorry you and BB missed each other.

Is no Budapest good?

drew said...

In a way good as i don't have to spend 3 days away from family and don't have to fly. But I was actually looking forward to seeing Budapest as my hotel was right next to the castle.

just had a text saying my flight to London cancelled, so trip is a no go.