Sunday 22 August 2010


Just trying to tidy up my itunes, I have a fair amount of pish on there that I don't remember downloading, uploading, ripping or whatever.

I found this brilliant track by The Lost Patrol which I'm sure I downloaded from the always intriguing Nevver website a good couple of years ago. Don't know anything about the band but wonder if they are named after the John Ford film staring Boris Karloff? Just googled them and the wiki page categorises their music as surf-a-billy, a new one on me but highly accurate in relation to Shimmy.

The Lost Patrol - Shimmy


John Medd said...

Their guitar sound reminded me of Kare & The Cavemen. Tell me what you think.

drew said...

You've got a point there John. That band need some further attention.

Pulp Herb said...

I found The Lost Patrol about a year before you via the same song...I hope you followed up on them. If not it's off an album called "Off Like a Prom Dress" and I consider it one of my best buys of 2009.