Saturday 14 August 2010

Everybody Loves A Cover, Right?

I've always been a fan of Springsteen apart from a couple of years in my late teens when it wasn't hip to admit to being a fan but secretly would still listen to the River or Nebraska but it took me quite a few years, upwards of 15 if I'm honest to revisit Born In The USA. When I thought of the album which was not very often what came to mind was that terrible video for Dancing In The Dark or my misinterpretation of the tub thumping title track.

When I did listen to the album again, if you take away the mid 80s production there are some great tracks on there,  in fact the album has three of my favourite Springsteen songs, My Hometown, I'm On Fire and Going Down all of which have been covered to varying degrees of success.

My favourite cover of a Springsteen song, well apart from FGTH's Born To Run, is by the American singer/songwriter Catherine Feeny.

Catherine Feeny - I'm On Fire

BTW - if anybody in the Glasgow area has nothing to do tonight why not pop along to the Flying Duck where 2 nearly and one definitely middle-aged men will be playing some of their favourite records.


Mondo said...

A delight - posted a couple of similar style acoustic beauties earlier in the year. Here in case you missed 'em.

John Medd said...

I think you'd like Gregson & Collister's version of One Step Up.

Ctelblog said...

TWo good Springsteen covers. Tegan & Sara also do a good cover of dancing in the dark