Monday 16 August 2010


The title of the track posted this morning kind of sums up how I was feeling yesterday morning after what I thought was a rather splendid night in Glasgow the previous evening, although I really shouldn't drink Red Stripe I always feel like shite the next day.

Today's track is a rather sleazy but absolutely essential edit of a track by Little Willie John an American R&B singer who died in dubious circumstances aged only thirty in Washington State Penitentiary where he was serving time for manslaughter after a fatal knifing following a performance.  Not the best way to deal with critics, me thinks.

Little Willie John is probably best know as the first person to record Fever, he took the track to number 24 in the Pop charts in the States in 1956, selling more than a million copies. His songs have been covered by the likes of the Beatles and Fleetwood Mac. The track posted was originally called I'm Shakin' written by Rudy Toombs.

I'm Shakin' has been edited by Lulu Rouge and released on the Edits Du Golem label. Lulu Rouge are possibly the best DJ duo to come out of Denmark due to the fact that they are the only djing duo that I have heard of from Denmark. I have a few of their edits which are all good. They have also compiled various mix cds for the likes of Global Underground and Mambo.

Little Willie John - Shaking (Lulu Rouge edit)

Now tell me you don't feel better after hearing that!

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Anonymous said...


Have only come across Les Edits once before so it's great to hear another of the label's releases.

Had a splendid night on Saturday. Good work!