Tuesday 10 August 2010

Johnny Yen

I have always considered James to be a singles band, well singles and T shirts really.

I love most of the singles by the band. From the earliest one I bought What For to the last Just Like Fred Astaire and could listen to Come Home or the much maligned Sit Down over and over again. However when I put an album on I become disengaged after about 3 or 4 songs, don't know if it's Tim Booth's voice or what but more often than not I've turned the album off before getting half way through if on cd or don't even bother turning it over if it's one of the ones I have on vinyl. Even the live Getting Away With It, I don't think that I've listened to either cd in it's entirety at one sitting.

So it is a strange state of affairs when my favourite James track is an album track and also the second last track on the side.

Johnny Yen is from the first James album Stutter and really should have been released as a single as it can hold its own with any of the singles mentioned above. Posted is the live version from the excellent One Hand Clapping album released in 1989 just before James became a nationwide name.

I had some cracking James T-shirts.

James - Johnny Yen

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