Saturday 28 August 2010


A complete change of pace today.

I first became aware of Jaymay when she was supporting Isobel Campbell at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh in 2006. Although trying to hear her through all of the ignorant bastards who talked continually through the whole set was challenging to say the least.

I was sufficiently impressed with what I heard that I sought out the ep Sea Green, See Blue her only release at that point which I really enjoyed and then bought the album Autumn Fallin' when it was released in 2007, however I have not been able to catch her live again.

Jaymay is from New York and I suppose you could catagorize the music as folk and there have been comparisons with Regina Spektor but apart from the fact that both are female and both sing the comparison doesn't stand up for me. One thing for sure is that she has a thing about colour as at least five of the tracks that I have have a colour in the title. She also has a weird sense in what she goes for in a guy, I ask you what kind of woman searches out men in corduroy?

Jaymay - Corduroy

Jaymay - Gray or Blue

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Anonymous said...


This is lovely stuff. Made me go back to First Aid Kit. You might also like Charlene Soraia or Foreign Slippers?...

Nowt wrong with a bit of corduroy!