Tuesday 24 August 2010

Divine Thing

I've always thought that the Soup Dragons were unfairly tagged as bandwagon jumpers in 1990 when I'm Free hit the charts. As at the tail end of 1989 the promo of Mother Universe was circulating around the indie disco nights and the song certainly declared the direction in which the band were moving.

I'm not trying to say that their stuff is up there with the likes of Loaded or Come Together but when I hear the argument that they were copying Primal Scream I get rather annoyed as at the time of Mother Universe's initial airings, I don't think anybody other than Weatherall and probably Primal Scream had heard the masterpiece which is Loaded.

Anyway, here is a track from the Soup Dragons from 1992 which still makes me want to dance when I hear the intro and has absolutely nothing to do with the witterings above.

The Soup Dragons - Divine Thing


Ctelblog said...

I think I'm Free is a great track. I also think them unfairly vilified.

drew said...

That's two of us then ctel