Sunday 8 August 2010

I've Got To Be Free

I've spent most of my Sunday night recreating my mid-year review which hadn't been filed where it was supposed to be. I hate doing these fucking documents in the first place but having to do it again has really pissed me off.

I had a great idea for a post for Monday but can't be arsed now as I'm mentally wiped out having to spend time filling a document full of corporate speak in order to justify my existence as payroll number 4705_ _ _ and ensure that I do not end up with an end of year rating as a "fall short".

You will have to make do with a brilliant if very short, extremely rare northern soul single from Joe Hicks.

Joe Hicks - I've Got To Be Free


davyh said...

One of the very nicest things about working for yourself is not having to bother with bollocks like that anymore: on the downside, the lack of that 'salary' thing's a bugger sometimes.

drew said...

Have to admit, I like the "comfort" of a salary.

Just don't like all the jumping through hoops and poish that you have to endure for it to pop into the bank account every month. Could be worse but.

Swiss Adam said...

Top track Drew. I'm on good holidays in return for my salary, but for a 'vocational' job I spend most of my time having to reach targets, set against benchmarks etc etc. Dunno what happened to teach them stuff that's interesting...