Saturday 7 August 2010

Blog Rocking Beats III

Right, there is just a week to go 'til the final (for now) Blog Rocking Beats. After missing the last one while not so slowly cooking in the south west of France, I am really up for this one.  We will have a full compliment of bloggers for the first time, as Gareth from How Does That One Go Again? is available. Which means that we will have about 75 minutes each in which to either impress the patrons of the Flying Duck or send them running for the relatively safe haven of Walkabout just round the corner.

I have decided that I will break one of the rules that I imposed upon myself when I first had the idea for this little ego trip. I had two rules, firstly that no matter how stuck I got I would only play one track by each artist/group and the second was that I would only use vinyl as it is the format that I'm most comfortable with and also, it is far easier to play the wrong track on a cd and end up looking like a complete twat.

So next Saturday night I intend to break rule 2 with a song by a rather unknown Australian band called The Jezabels.

Disco Biscuit Love is a track that I have owned in digital form since about October/Nov 2008 when I found it somewhere on the internet. I loved the track immediately, from the opening echoey guitar to the lyrics "he only loves you when he's on pills" and have played it hundreds of times. In my mind it harks back to the type of 80's indie that used to fill the soundtracks of John Hughes teen angst films and I can see Mary Stuart Masterson drumming along or Eric Stoltz dancing rather badly to it.

Anyway, the problem has always been that I only had the track on mp3 and no matter where I looked I could not find it on cd unless I was prepared to order it from Australia.

So what's the problem I hear you ask, burn it to cd and play it that way.Technically I could but being the sad sack that I am I wont do that. So last week I decided to bite the bullet and order it from Waterfront Records in Sydney and on Monday the cd duly arrived. Why had it taken me so long to do this, I though to myself as I ripped open the cardboard box, only to find that the wrong cd had been shipped. The second Jezabels ep, which is very good but does not contain Disco Biscuit Love appeared through the shredded packaging . So I got on the email straight away to Heather at Waterfront records and explained the error and got a reply on Thursday stating that the correct cd had now been shipped.

So, barring any delays with the post, this is one track that I will definite be playing next Saturday Night.

The Jezabels - Disco Biscuit Love

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