Tuesday 15 June 2010

Wonderful Night

I've always quite liked Norman Cook, not overly keen on his other half. I'm sure she's a lovely girl but always strikes me as a pain in the arse. The fatboy on the other hand seems the sort of guy you could go for a couple of pints and talk absolute bollocks with. I would also like to get a look at his record collection.

As I've said before, when his first Fatboy Slim track Everyone Needs A 303 in 1995, he brought something back in to dance music which had been sadly lacking for a couple of years, some humour and not taking yourself too seriously. I will even forgive him for some of those lurid shirts and being the catalyst for so many crap records being released in the name of Big Beat,  on the back of the Praise You and Weapon Of Choice alone.

He has produced some amazing singles such as Gangsta Tripping, Going Out Of My Head etc and has sampled everybody from the Just Brothers to John Martyn to great effect.

This track is from the forth Fatboy Slim album Palookaville and features the rapping talent of Lateef The Truth Speaker.

Fatboy Slim - Wonderful Night


Mondo said...

He really has got a walloping catalogue of work behind him. The Body Movin' remix is a personal fave. Love to hear him work his magic on The Italian Job's - Self Preservation Society..

Simon said...

Because of his background I made more room for him initially than I did for the other 'big beat' stuff, even the Chems. Would be worth it simply for the Brimful Of Asha remix, which to my mind is the definitive version of that tune.

He definitely seems like one of 'us'...