Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Chez Nous

The picture above shows what will be the family abode for the next fortnight ,when we eventually get there late Saturday evening, after leaving Lanark early Friday morning.

Situated in the heart of the Dordogne, about 10 km from Sainte-Foy le Grand, in a small hamlet of nine or ten houses surrounded by loads of vineyards which produce very, very good claret and some of the crispest, dry white wine I have ever tasted.

It is a bit of a trek, what with the drive to Dover and then 920 km the other side but it is well worth it. L and I have had the good fortune to have holidayed here on three previous occasions, as the house belongs to a family friend. The difference this time is that we are going in July,  on the previous visits it was the end of September/ beginning of October.

Being a member of the pale blue race I'm not overly fond of the heat; anything above the low twenties and I'm uncomfortable so I don't know how I'm going to handle daily temperatures of + 30 degrees. One thing for sure is I will not be napping in the hammock in the garden of an afternoon as was my want on previous occassions, I will probably be lying on the stone floor in the dinning room with the shutters firmly shut.

Anyway, going on holiday gave rise to what to do with the blog for 2 weeks, should I just shut up shop for the duration, do as JC did last year and get in some guest posters or do a load of posts in advance.. As I've done absolutely nothing about it the second idea is not even an option, the third even less so as I'm not that organised and I'm worried if I don't post anything for 2 weeks, those of you who do read this will find pastures new and not return. So I have decided to recycle some of the previous five hundred odd posts.

So apologies if you have read the posts and downloaded the tracks before but in the end I had no alternative.

Normal service will hopefully resume on Monday 19th July.

A bientot

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood - Summer Wine

Bonnie Tyler - Lost In France


Mona said...

Better than a caravan park in the Borders?

Anonymous said...

Have fun!


chocolategirl64 said...

wOo lucky things:
not so fickle as to bugger off to foreign blogworlds:
have a good break:
when you're feeling too hot, remember back to a time when you were cold, when you had a draught around your ankles:
works for me:
that and running your wrists under cold water ^_*

davy h said...

Very nice too: we *heart* that bit of France also. 30C? And the rest! Last summer when we were down there it was pushing 36C baby. Bonnes Vacances!.

swiss adam said...

Have a good holiday Drew et famile. Wish I was on my to France.

Mondo said...

Have a good one matey. We're only about 90 minutes drive from Dover - yet we never (well not since 2004) go to France. What are thinking. Looks very similar to a place we stayed in outside Agincourt

Artog said...

Sounds like you're bracing yourself for a lovely time. I was in Paris that year when the temperature got up to 41 - it was actually killing people.

Simon said...

Last time I ventured to the South Of France it hit 42 degrees. I melted. Literally.

Enjoy yourself!