Monday 28 June 2010

My Baby Left Me

Straying into Swiss Adam territory here, however I'm not sure of SA's views on modern day rockabilly or if it's just the real deal 50s stuff that floats his boat. If you haven't checked out Bagging Area's Friday Rockabilly feature you really should, all killer no filler as they say and after 18 weeks not far off a cracking compilation although due to the length of the tracks you could probably wait 'til week 28 or 30.

Anyway, here is a cover version of My Baby Left Me,  an Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup penned tune recorded by Elvis Presley at RCA's New York studios in 1956 which was the b side of Presley's I Want You, I Need You, I Love You.

Here it is covered by the Irish Rockabilly screamer,  Imelda May who has featured on this blog a couple of times before. Again, the track is used as a b side, this time for May's Latest single Psycho. In my opinion the b side is the stronger of the two tracks but maybe that is because I'm more familiar with it.

Imelda May - My Baby Left Me

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Swiss Adam said...

I'm up for modern rockabilly, just havn't featured it on the blog yet. Not an expert though so cheers for this. Not sure how long I can keep the Friday series going, starting to feel like a bit of a burden, and just thinking abuot week 28 fills me with dread but then something always crops up. Maybe I should feature some stuff since the 50s in it.