Friday 25 June 2010

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Let's have a nice bit of Techno.

Today's track is taken from a limited edition clear sampler from Sandwell District. The 12" is one of 2 samplers released on the label this month, the other a lovely shade of blue both featuring tracks which will may or may not appear on the upcoming album release.

Sandwell District are a rather anonymous record label which doesn't have a myspace page or website but does have a fax # if you want to get in touch. They have been infrequently releasing quality techno since 2002 in the tradition of Underground Resistance and Basic Chanel.

The label, it appears,  believe in giving the minimum information on their records, we do get the name of the artists but nothing so mundane as song titles.

There are a few protagonists behind the music on the label, such as DJ Caspar (Silent Servant|), Female (Pete Sutton) and US producer Dave Sumner who records under the name Function, who provides the track featured here.

The artists on the label are from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago,  Berlin and Birmingham,  Sandwell being an area in  Birmingham.

 Function - A side (aa)


Big Boy said...

Great site, visit most days, remember dancing to the video of Cruisers Creek ("parallel crease pow")too many years ago, quick point though, Sandwell and Birmingham 2 seperate things; war was nearly declared when Brum unveiled Noddy Holder on their Walk of Stars a few years ago. An uneasy truce stands, just. One comment could set it off. As it is, Tony Iommi lives in fear of retaliation, Toyah won't go out when it's dark, and UB40 changed their names and live in a caravan in Wales. No-one has heard from Duran Duran, they left without paying their last gas bill. So please, carry on but be careful.

ANCB said...

Indeed, Sandwell is the Black Country, not Brum. As I quickly learnt after calling an ex, a Black Country wrench, a Brummie...The relationship went downhill from that moment.

drew said...

I stand corrected, thanks guys.