Friday 25 June 2010

Sometimes Context Is Everything

This post was going to be about Joan As Policeman but after listening to her again I have decided that she is incredibly boring and I can't find anything enthusiastic to say about her music at all. This surprised me, as earlier in the week, I was in my used to be Swedish but then American and now Dutch owned car dealership waiting for my car which was in for new brake disks and pads in preparation for next weekend's mammoth drive ( more about which later) when a rather, at the time, pleasant track came on as I was enviously looking at the shiny new Saabs. I thought, I will do a post on that track later in the week.

So last night, I played the track, The Ride by Joan As Police Woman fully intending to then type a piece on how good this mellow track was. However after the first 30 seconds of listening to it all I could think is bland, bland, bland and couldn't wait for it to end, christ! I thought to myself this is boring. I had to play it again to confirm that this was actually the track I had listened to a couple of days previously and alas it was.

I started to ask myself, why did I think that the track was good only a couple of days earlier and the only thing that I could cone up with was,  that being the impatient git that I am, I will consider anything good if it takes my mind off of waiting about, doing nothing. But then I thought, I had seen this woman live and don't have any strong anti Joan As Police Woman feelings after the event but when I consider the performance I have absolutely no feelings about seeing her live whatsoever. I have vague recollections of her on stage at the QMU but cannot tell you anything she played or how I felt about it. What puzzles me even more is why did I then buy this single from the merchandise stall that night? I know it wasn't alcohol induced as I was driving but I have no recollection of why I made the purchase.

Anyway here is a track by the headliners that night four years ago and a single which I believe was my favourite single of the previous year, at least it is the number one track on my 2005 playlist and when I played it tonight I got the same rush as I got the first time I heard it on 6 music and every subsequent time since when I have played it.

Guillemots - Trains To Brazil.

BTW - the reason why the last few tracks have been on MediaFire and the like is because for the first time ever I have exceeded my bandwidth during the month on  which I suspect is a result of changing the posted files to MP3. If you cannot download something from earlier in the month you will have to wait 'til the 01/07 and you can blame Chocolategirl_64 and kendo as it is down to them that I changed the format.


chocolategirl64 said...

oo that's harsh:

davyh said...

Terrific, terrific song.