Thursday 10 June 2010

Happy Lanimers!

About 100% of you will not know what I'm going on about but today was Lanimer Day in Lanark.

Between you and me it's a big Gala Day, with a twist, it's held on a Thursday as oppossed to the tradition of a Gala Day being on a Saturday. But never, ever tell a Lanarkian that, to them it is so much more. So much so that, and this is the truth they tried to get Thatcher to re arrange the 1987 General Election because it was going to fall on the same day as Lanimers, I shit you not.

Anyway, I have never seen as many underage drunks in my life as I saw today. You see another of the quaint customs, is that the pubs open at six in the morning and that the law of the land, stating that you cannot drink openly in the street is waivered on this day and so you see teams of teenagers openly wandering around the town drinking Buckfast and MD20/20 with impunity.

Still, it's all for the kids.

Nouvelle Vague - Friday Night, Saturday Morning


Kippers said...

Happy Lanimers to you also! Not sure what I make of that version of Friday Night, Saturday Morning. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Are you in this photograph?
Happy Lanimers indeed!

Artog said...

I like the last sentence of the wikipedia page. Nouvelle Vague's first album (along with Forever Changes and Moon Safari) was on heavy rotation in the car when I first started to drive in and out of London on a daily basis. It probably saved me from exploding with rage.

davyh said...

You Scotchland guys crack me up.

drew said...

Yes Mr H we have some quaint traditions, however we don't eat jellied eels, well, unless they are deep fried.

Artog/Kippers I loved the first Nouvelle Vague album but by the second one my interest had waned somewhat. The guys responsible tried to do the same thing with Film tracks to mixed results. Check out the link for one of the better ones.

Stevie - possibly