Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Do You Mind?

Here is another track I never got round to playing last Saturday night.

I really love The XX, the album hasn't  been off the turntable or ipod much over the past few months, to such an extent that if I had to scrobble the iPod, I think that they would now be giving The Fall a run for their money, okay slight exaggeration but only slight.

Here they take Kyla's funky R & B track,  strip it down to its basics and produce a moody but still funky, in it's own way track that's absolutely astounding. This band has a knack with covers, check out their version of Womack and Womack's Teardrops, or Hot Like Fire originally by Aaliyah which can both be found on the same ep as Do You Mind?

The ep could only be purchased at the gigs on the last tour, the Edinburgh leg of which I was unable to get a ticket for. I had to resort to getting the 7" off of ebay, spending a small fortune for it into the bargain and to make matters worse it is now going buy it now for half of what I paid for it!

The XX - Do You Mind?


chocolategirl64 said...

x'ing love em:
as you know ^_^

swiss adam said...

In reply to your comment at my place, you don't have an mp3 of NF Porter's Keep Keep On Keepin On do you? Been trying to find one for ages.

drew said...

SA - I have it on vinyl, I'll rip it tomorrow and send it to you

swiss adam said...

Great, ta Drew