Tuesday 12 May 2009

Sponging Bastards

I was not going to comment on this latest debacle from the Palace of Westminster, however the constant stream of gits who are neither ashamed nor apologetic about what they have done has got my blood boiling.

These are the same people who are forever deriding people for benefit fraud and calling for harsher penalties for those who are caught abusing the welfare system. Should not the same rules apply to these chancers, apparently not. Now that they have been caught, they have the affront to say that they have done nothing illegal and everything is above board but they will give the money back. If it was not wrong then why the fuck are they giving the money back?

The argument that the MPs benefits are there to supplement their salaries which haven't kept up with similar positions in the private sector holds no water with me. I always believed that people went into politics due to conviction left, right or centre, not to make money, apart from the fact that £64 766 is quite a substantial figure that most people would probably be very happy with. Seemingly not if you want to be a politician, it seems that they truely believe that they are worth more than 3 times the national average salary. If their financial remuneration is the main reason for them entering politics or higher on their list of priorities than the welfare of their potential constituents then maybe they should mention this fact at selection interviews and if still successful on their campaign literature.

The thing that really angers me is that this lot have done more to harm democracy in this country than any right wing or extremist organisation could every dream of achieving. Just wait
and see if the BNP and UKIP don't see there share of the vote swell in the up coming European and Local Elections. Which will only mean that the you and me, the ordinary citizens of the UK will suffer as a result.

The Fall - Foldin' Money

The Arrogants - People Love Money More Than People.

Jamie T - If You've Got The Money


Simon said...

Couldn't agree more. It's been my obsession these past few days. Even though I can feel it draining me as I read every detail I can't stop myself. And I want to strangle each and every one of the bastards that has abused it.

dickvandyke said...

Bloody licence to print free filthy lucre to pay for any old luxury that we could never afford.

Or, for them to use OUR hard-earned brass to pay for all the things we have to fork out for in our everyday lives.

Well I've run out of fuckin' money, so they can't have any more of mine to 'democratically' fund their ivory towers, glass buddas or chintz bog rolls.

Parasites. Suck some other mug's blood - and may it stick in your throat until you choke to a slow, desperate end.

davyh said...

Nice picture.

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

- George Orwell, 'Animal Farm'

Simon said...

I guess this is the real swine fever we were promised.

Simon said...

The scariest thing is how good David Cameron is coming out of all of this. Cameron as PM looks more and more definite. He was certainly more decisive and dynamic and taking control of a bad situation, and his own expense claims were far better than almost anybody else.

Apparently he applied one simple rule when claiming: what would it look like splashed across the front of the Daily Mail?

If only the Labour party were as smart.

God I can't believe I'm feeling admiration for a Tory. Somebody shoot me, I'm 40.

drew said...

The difference being that Cameron and his cronies heads aren't turned as much by money., he's personally got loads of the stuff and most of the others do consultancy work.There was the old adage that Labour politicians were always brought down by bungs and the like and Toties by sex.
I think that Cameron has had more time to prepare, as the Torygraph didn't lead on Tory claims but waited 5 days and I think that that gave Cameron time to prepare

a Tart said...

I'm only following this from the most peripheral view, and I'm glad to hear your anger on it. I can only say that I wish our politicians would be willing to entertain the notion of taking only three times the average wage!

adam said...

The Telegraph gave labour three hours notice of allegations and gave the tories three days notice - so Cameron is praised for his measured and prompt response to the problem whilst labour are running scared and making it up as they go along.

I don't have a problem with the provision of some kind of London accommodation, to use, not to own, but absolutely everything else is just taking the piss.