Saturday 16 May 2009


I had, to my shame, sort of forgotten all about this band until a mate asked me to play End Of An Era from the band's debut double a-side, which if you hadn't been lucky enough to get a copy when it first came out, would've set you back 40 to 50 quid on e-bay but now can be purchased for a fiver, ah the fickle minds of music fans.

My first experience of the band was when they supported The Raveonettes at the Wah Wah Hut. It was all loud, thrashy guitars and shouty, hoarse vocals. Absolutely magic.

The band have released 2 albums, the debut Turn Against This Land in 2005 and the follow-up Tall Stories From Under The Table in 2007 but nothing since. There is nothing revolutionary about their sound, however if you like loud guitars, shouty vocals, lyrics full of disdain for cokeheads and the odd Orwell reference then you should like this bunch. The name, however remains a terrible choice.

Dogs - Red

Dogs - Winston Smith

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